107-year-old breaks world record for becoming oldest person to star in a soap

Jack Reynolds on the set of Hollyoaks Credit: ITV

A 107-year-old man from Chesterfield has broken his fourth world record - this time for becoming the oldest person ever to act in a soap opera.

Jack Reynolds is to star in Hollyoaks- if his performance is deemed to be good enough to make the final cut.

Jack already has the world record for being the oldest person to ride a zip wire. That was on his 106th birthday.

Jack Reynolds on a zip wire Credit: GMB

He became the oldest person to ride a roller coaster at the age of 105. Another world record in the bag...

Jack Reynolds on a roller coaster Credit: GMB

And for his 104th birthday he got into the record books for being the oldest person to have their first tattoo.

Jack uses his yearly record challenges to raise money for charity.

Jack having a tattoo Credit: GMB