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EU Families in the Midlands worried about future in UK after Brexit

EU families in the Midlands have told ITV News Central they feel uncertain about their future in the UK post-Brexit. Credit: ITV News Central

EU Families who've settled in the Midlands say they've been made to feel like strangers in their own homes after being forced to fill out an application form to stay in the UK post-Brexit.

Since the referendum, we've been living in limbo. We don't know what's happening in the next few months, few weeks, few years.

– Adam Fejfer

The EU Settlement Scheme was only fully rolled out on 30th March 2019. Applicants who've lived in the UK for at least five years will be given settled status, meaning no immigration restrictions. Those who've lived in the country for less than that will get pre-settled status, meaning they can stay for another five years,

However, the whole process has been criticised for being too complicated and many people say it's left them feeling insecure about their future.

When you don't know whether you're allowed to live in your home, when you're being told that you're not wanted here, forget your average citizen, average brit. If you're own prime minister tells you you're a queue jumper, you feel very unwelcome and you feel angry.

– Alena Useinovic

Immigration minister Caroline Nokes says she hopes an advertising campaign the government have released will help those worried about their future.

More than 400,000 applications have been made to the EU Settlement Scheme so far.

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