Leukaemia patient finds perfect donor match in Germany

A Birmingham man who has been diagnosed with leukaemia, has gone into hospital for a bone marrow transplant after a donor was found in Germany, who remarkably was a 100 per-cent match.

Steve Brittan, who's 72, was the city's Chamber of Commerce president, and has remained positive, despite being diagnosed with leukaemia and told he potentially had five months to live.

But after being put on the stem cell donor list, a match was found and treatment starts this week.

A stem cell transplant could cure Steve's type of cancer. The younger the donor and the better the match - increases that chance.

If successful, Steve wants to meet and thank his donor. He says support from family and friends has got him through some tough months.

Steve will spend around a month in hospital receiving treatment. Doctors should know within around a hundred days if it's been successful.

Steve says he's determined to stay positive - determined to beat the cancer - and has nothing but admiration for his donor.