Thousands of Muslims expected to gather to tackle knife crime

More than four thousand people are expected to attend a mosque in Birmingham to discuss the dangers of carrying a knife.

It's part of a new campaign at Green Lane mosque to highlight the recent rise in knife crime in the city.

Around 4,500 people are due to attend the Friday prayer (Friday 19th April) and then for a sermon to talk about the issue.

The aim of these events is to remind people, in particular the youth, about the dangers of carrying weapons.

The city has seen a recent rise in fatal stabbings Credit: ITV Central

The event comes after a rise in stabbings in Birmingham.

  • Feb 10 - Patrick Hill, 23, stabbed to death Coventry

  • Feb 13 - Sidali Mohamed, 16, attacked outside Joseph Chamberlain College in Highgate. He died later in hospital.

  • Feb 20 - Abdullah Muhammad, 16, stabbed to death in Small Heath

  • Feb 25 - Hazrat Umar, 18, stabbed to death in Bordesley Green

  • Feb 26 - a 16-year-old boy stabbed inside British Heart Foundation charity shop in Bull Street

  • March 6 - 14-year-old girl stabbed with scissors in Coventry

  • March 29 - Leneto Kellengbeck, 24, Solihull stabbed to death