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Mild weather means swarms of bees likely this Easter weekend

Credit: Robin Loznak/Zuma Press/PA Images

A beekeeper from Telford wants to raise awareness about swarming, as it's very likely over the Easter weekend.

James Ferguson, who keeps bees at various locations across Shropshire, says this weekend looks like the perfect weather for honey bees.

After a very mild February and a mild winter in general, the county's honey bee colonies are very full.

Credit: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/PA Images

Swarming is a natural process honey bee colonies use to reproduce and are purely looking for a new home.

When they cluster together on a tree or fence that is simply the Queen bee taking a break and the colony protecting her.

They will move on!

They have no home or honey to protect so are unlikely to sting. That being said, please do not attempt to get too close as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you do see a swarm, please do not panic and instead contact either myself if you’re in and around the Telford/ Bridgnorth area or your local Beekeepers Association.

– James Ferguson, Bee keeper