• Vets are warning pet owners to keep chocolate away from dogs - as it's a major cause of poisoning.

  • But they're also warning people not to let dogs eat small objects.

  • One spaniel managed to eat a whole Kinder Surprise toy.

Vets are warning pet owners to keep all chocolate away from their pets this Easter.

It's the second busiest time of year for chocolate related poisonings - after Christmas.

Rebecca Harding, from Northampton, feared the worst after she found a lump in the stomach of her dog Chester.

The eight-year-old Cocker Spaniel had been unwell for weeks.

But a scan revealed it was in fact the toy package from a Kinder Surprise egg, still whole.

Chester had found the chocolate egg and devoured the lot.

Credit: BuglerSmith

Chocolate is particularly toxic to dogs, as it contains caffeine and theobromine, two substances that dogs are incredibly sensitive to.

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After the operation, I was expecting the worst, but when Jenny told me what she'd found, I was speechless.

Rebecca Harding, Chester's owner
Credit: BuglerSmith

Chester spent a couple of days recovering but is now back to full health.

It took just over an hour to remove the egg from inside Chester, and it was still intact, after potentially several weeks inside him.

Apparently he's still as inquisitive as ever.

Credit: BuglerSmith