The constituency office for the South Leicestershire MP, Alberto Costa, has been vandalised.

The front of the office has been covered with stickers containing the word 'Disobey'.

They also show the logo that has previously been linked the the ‘Anonymous’ group of anti-Government protestors.

Credit: Alberto Costa MP

A message written on a piece if paper that was stuck to the building claims to be from the "Anonymous" group.

Final warning to the UK Government. We are watching, we have you all in our sights, we are reading and listening to your every move, we have all information on all....Why?... We are Anonymous. Expect us!

Poster claiming to be from the "Anonymous" group

Messages were also written on the floor in what appears to be chalk.

Credit: Alberto Costa MP

Will Bateman, Senior Parliamentary Researcher for Alberto Costa MP, said: "This is particularly surprising given that South Leicestershire is a pretty sleepy, safe constituency, but clearly this seems to be endemic of the fairly unpleasant atmosphere in politics at the moment."

ITV News Central have also approached Mr Costa for a comment.