University lecturer takes on 90 mile walk to work to save planet's future

A university lecturer who was inspired by the recent climate justice movement has set off on a 90 miles walk to work.

Ildiko Rippel walk will take her through seven counties including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Birmingham and the West Midlands, and Worcestershire - to get to work as at the University of Worcester by 9am on Monday 29 April.

She was motivated after seeing the youth movement for climate justice as many schoolchildren and young people went on strike.

With a backpack, and two cardboard cut-out children strapped on her back, she says she is walking on their behalf, for their future, and the future of the planet. She set off on her journey this morning (Wednesday 24 April).

The walk will be spread out over a period of five days where she plans to spend 37 hours on her feet. Usually she drives a 180 mile round-trip.

. Credit: ITV Central

For years, I've passively witnessed the climate crisis unfold, and admittedly mostly ignored the bleak future of our planet, apart from the obvious: I've bought a re-usable coffee cup, I reuse my shopping bags and I recycle my waste. What more can I do? Well, how about walking to work? I sit alone in my car, next to all the other drivers driving on their own, pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, using up fossil fuels."

Ildiko Rippel

Ildiko hopes to raise awareness about climate change and to encourage action towards climate justice.