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Taxi drivers to stage third go-slow protest during Birmingham evening rush hour

The traffic chaos during Wednesday mornings rush hour Credit: ITV Central

Taxi drivers in Birmingham city centre will be staging a third go-slow protest today, during the evening rush hour.

It's against Birmingham City Councils plans for a new Clean Air Zone.

They claim they were 'steamrolled' over the plans to impose a Clean Air Zone on the city in 2020.

Today's protest will take place between 3.00pm and 6.00pm in the city centre.

Credit: ITV Central

The protests have caused chaos on the city centre roads, with major delays for drivers.

Police officers were present to move along any taxi drivers that were causing an obstruction to traffic.

Cllr Barbara Dring, chair of the licensing committee, said last week the council had 'done the best we can' for the drivers.

While Chris Neville, the council's former head of licensing who has retired in recent days, had said 'there is no other way' for the authority to meet government demands to reduce pollution levels over the next two years.