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Appeal for missing war medals after widow with dementia accidentally gives them to strangers

A woman from Leicester has appealed on social media for the return of her late father’s war veteran medals after her mother, who has dementia gave them away to a stranger in the street.

John Tomlin received service medals from serving in Germany and Korea. Credit: Annie Brookes

Annie Brookes said since her dad John Tomlin died at the age of 89, her mother Molly Tomlin has got into the habit of giving belongings away to neighbours and passers-by.

She said the majority of possessions had been returned by neighbours, but the medals, including one from the Korean war is still missing.

Credit: Annie Brookes

The four medals which Molly used to keep on her pillow next to her, along with her husband’s beret, were from tours in Korea and Germany.

The couples’ daughter, Annie said, “They are part of our family history. My dad was very proud of them.”

Annie’s mum was diagnosed with dementia three or four years ago. She said since losing her dad, her mum has struggled to cope.

John and Molly Tomlin celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in October 2018. Credit: Annie Brookes

Before he died, none of us really knew how bad the dementia had become because Dad had been doing such a brilliant job looking after her.

Unfortunately mum started giving stuff away to the neighbours.

They’ve been great and returned everything and kept an eye on her, but she would talk to strangers in the street.

That’s where we think the medals went missing. It was about four weeks ago.

– Annie Brookes

Annie said her mum has no recollection of where the medals could be. “She’s ok in the moment, absolutely fine, but three minutes after she will have forgotten everything."

The family had hoped to give the medals to John and Molly’s grandson.

“We just want to get the medals back. They are part of our family history. My dad was very proud of them, Annie said.

The medals can be handed to the police, or Annie can be contacted on Twitter at @beaverbrookes23