Boy 'didn't want to be black anymore' after being sent home from school for 'too short' hair, says mum

A schoolboy from Tipton told his mum he 'didn't want to be black anymore' after he was sent home from school because his hair was considered too short by his primary school.

Six-year-old Josiah Sharpe has what the school called a 'skin fade' style which they say doesn't fit with policy standards.

Josiah's parents say many schools insist that hairstyles should not fall below grade two. Danica Sharpe, Josiah's mum says a grade one can look different on a child with Afro-textured hair compared to a Caucasian child.

A new report published by De Montfort University to mark World Afro Day found the problem is widespread and that thousands of schools have policies which have been described as unlawful and outdated. a survey conduceted by the researchers found that one in six children had have a negative experience.

Professor Sarah Younie, from De Montfort University said:

Michelle de Leon, the report's author said schools need to obey the law. She said:

The school Josiah attends say he was not excluded and that the issue is now resolved.