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Plague of flies swamping homes in Derby

Home owners in an area of Derby say their homes are being taken over by a plague of flies.

Residents in Sinfin and Normanton, who live close to a waste plant, have described catching up to 150 flies a day and say they're having to keep their windows and doors closed.

The Environment Agency is leading an investigation into the problem and has said it is working with the city council to find a solution.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that the flies are connected to the nearby waste treatment plant in Sinfin, according to the city council.

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"We've had reports of fly infestations in a number of homes in the Sinfin and Normanton areas of the city. We are working closely with the Environment Agency to try to identify the source of the flies as quickly as possible, so that positive action can be taken to help our residents.

"Regardless of where the flies are coming from, the images sent in by residents are very concerning; we can only imagine the stress that people living in these conditions are under.

"As such, we will do whatever we can to try and help those affected.

"Our Environmental Health team were alerted to the issue yesterday, and since then have been working to order fly papers, which will be distributed by our Public Protection Officers, alongside Derby Homes colleagues to the homes affected.

"In the meantime we will continue to aid the Environment Agency in their investigations.

"There has been speculation that flies may be coming from the Waste Treatment Plant in Sinfin, however no evidence has been found to suggest that the facility is the source at this time. We are assured by the site operator, Resource Recovery Solutions, that they are also investigating this matter."

– Derby City Council