Hundreds of Muslim students kept home from school that teaches LGBT equality

Credit: ITV Central
  • Parents against LGBT lessons at Anderton Park Primary in Birmingham have boycotted the school.

  • It's thought hundreds of students at the school have been kept home by parents.

  • Protesters say the lessons are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and are "indoctrinating" children by teaching them about same-sex relationships and gender identity.

Parents against LGBT equality being taught in lessons at a Birmingham primary school have boycotted the school.

It's thought hundreds of students have been kept home today over same-sex equality teaching at Anderton Park Primary.

It's the second school in Birmingham where parents have objected to children being taught about LGBT rights and relationships.

Some argue the teachings are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and aren't age appropriate.

The school has said the protesters are spreading 'lies and misinformation' and that most don't even have children at the school.

Police officers were outside the school this morning, as campaigners and parents went head to head in the street:

Yardley MP Jess Phillips was involved in a row with protester Shakeel Afsar, who says he’s been elected as parents’ spokesman but does not have children at the school.

She told him she would be calling for an exclusion zone to allow the children to come into and out of classes:

The headteacher, Sarah Hewitt Clarkson, says it's soul destroying having parents protesting daily.

She says the school is very sensitive to teaching students about different religions, but that it's part of the Department for Educations curriculum to teach students about LGBT equality.

She also states that same-sex marriage is British law:

LGBT flags and banners were put up at the school this morning by LGBT activists, in support of staff and students.

But a group of activists were allegedly 'pelted with eggs', before officers were called to the scene.