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Costa Rican spider found at a supermarket in the West Midlands

Credit: BPM Media

A tiny tropical spider from Costa Rica has been found at a supermarket in the West Midlands.

Supermarket workers were stunned when they discovered the spider on bananas imported from sunny Costa Rica.

The little-known arachnid, thought to be an Acanthoctenus, was spotted in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, earlier this month.

They were unpacking the bagged goods from the Central American nation, which is more than 5,000 miles away, on May 6.

Staff at the same supermarket made a similar discovery of an exotic spider on some bananas from Brazil three months ago.

Credit: BPM Media

The spider is now in the care of specialist keeper Dr Chris Rogers from the University of Wolverhampton.

This is a very unusual spider to come across and very little research has been done on it because of this. There is no research to suggest how venomous it may be but we do know it originates from South America.

It really is an exciting find and to think it travelled thousands of miles in a bag of bananas to the other side of the world makes it even more unique. When I first took care of the spider it was dehydrated and very cold so it was slow and lethargic. But as soon as it warmed up it came round and was very lively and also very fast.”

– Dr Rogers

The RSPCA receives a number of calls every year after members of the public return home from holiday or buy fruit from the shops to find a stowaway spider, lizard or scorpion on board.