Hunt to find owner of dying dog dumped with broken back and fractured skull

Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is hunting for the owner who dumped their dying dog, which was left in agony with a fractured skull and a broken back.

The emaciated Saluki-type lurcher dog was found with a head wound on farmland, off Bewdley Road North, between Bewdley and Stourport on Severn, by a local farmer.

He cared for the distressed dog until the RSPCA arrived.

At first they suspected the dog - who was bleeding heavily from a head wound - may have been involved in a car accident and rushed him to a vets.

Credit: RSPCA

But the vet found the injuries were non-accidental and the poor dog had a fractured skull, broken back and dislocated vertebrae.

The dog was so poorly that the vet decided to put him to sleep to end his suffering.

Credit: RSPCA

The dog was microchipped and during his investigation Jonathan was able to make contact with a previous owner.

The details on the microchip were not up-to-date as he found out they had given the dog to a new owner living in the Bristol area.

The RSPCA is now trying to trace that owner, who they are confident lives north of the Bristol area.