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Gay couple say they're worried for daughter over 'No Outsiders' school protests

Julia and Helen Glover-Kirtland are worried for their daughter over the school protests. Credit: ITV News Central

A gay couple from Leicester say they are worried about protests over books that teach children about gay families and the impact it will have on their daughter.

Julia and Helen Glover-Kirtland say the recent protests over teaching children about LGBT rights in primary schools are frightening and are worried the protests will spread to their city soon.

Terrified. Really scared, sad and making me contemplate what the world has in store for Martha.

– Julia Glover-Kirtlanf

Parents at two primary schools in Birmingham have been protesting over the teaching of LGBT rights.

Parkfield Community School which runs 'no outsiders' has suspended the lessons along with four other schools while parents are consulted, but at Anderton Park Primary, protests are held daily.

From next September, relationships education in primary will be compulsory.