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Female swan shot seven times with pellet gun while looking after her eggs

The swan was shot seven times with a pellet gun. Credit: RSPCA

A female mute swan was found shot seven times with a pellet gun when she was looking after her eggs at a private fishing lake.

The swan had laid a number of eggs at the side of Acton Burnell fishing lake, in Acton Burnell, near Shrewsbury but concerned members of the public noticed she was not on her nest.

A fisherman noticed the swan was struggling and found a fishing hook in her left leg and, believing this was the problem, he managed to take it out and released the swan back onto the water.

An x-ray of the swan showed the extent of the injuries. Credit: RSPCA

But the following day the fisherman and the landowner noticed the swan was still struggling and realised something was more seriously wrong with her so they alerted the RSPCA.

Inspector Nayman Dunderdale was sent to the scene and took the poorly swan for emergency treatment but she died on route.

An x-ray revleaved the swan had been shot seven times with a pellet gun in the wings, chest and rear.Nayman Dunderdale said:

It is disgusting to think that someone entered private land and deliberately took seven shots at this swan. There are pellets scattered over her body from her wings to her chest and rear.

It seems like they enjoyed torturing this swan who was in the process of incubating her eggs.

The eggs which were well established will not hatch now which is incredibly sad.

– Nayman Dunderdale,

RSPCA are appealing for anyone with information to get in touch.