A group of protesters say they will be appealing against a high court injunction that bans them from demonstrating against lessons about LGBT rights, outside a Birmingham primary school.

The injunction was won by Birmingham City Council after growing concerns for the safety of staff and children at Anderton Park Primary in Sparkhill.

One of the protestors Shakeel Afsar shared this video on Twitter, calling for parents to stand up for what they believe in and not to back down:

The headteacher of Anderton Park Primary, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, says she was delighted that children will be able to return to school after half-term tomorrow, without disruption.

In an interview with ITV News Central this weekend, she told us she's not surprised that protestors will be appealing the injunction because of their 'aggressive' nature:

Protestors have been demonstrating outside the school gates for weeks.

Some argue the teachings are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and aren't age appropriate.

The school has said the protesters are spreading 'lies and misinformation' and that most don't even have children at the school.