An appeal has been launched to find a new home for a cat who made a remarkable recovery after being shot by a crossbow.

The black male cat was found by a member of the public with an arrow sticking out of his shoulder.

He was rushed to a nearby vet who removed the arrow and contacted the RSPCA.

The arrow was protruding nearly 5 inches out of Robin's shoulder. Credit: RSPCA

Robin was found in Glenfield in Leicestershire on 28th April.

Inspector Karl Marston, who investigated, said he was extremely lucky to survive the attack.

This cat had a very lucky escape - it’s a miracle that no serious damage was done. He’d clearly been shot at deliberately with a crossbow and the bolt was lodged in his shoulder and protruding out past his cheek. He needed surgery to remove the large arrow and continued treatment to nurse him back to health but he’s now doing really well.

Inspector Karl Marston, RSPCA
Robin is five years only and is suffering from FIV Credit: RSPCA

Robin is thought to be around five years old and has FIV - a virus that weakens cats' immune system and makes them more susceptible to disease.

As a result, he'll need to be the only cat in his new home and will need to be kept indoors.

Despite being listed on a pet relocation website in Leicestershire, staff at RSPCA have failed to find his original owners.

Anyone interested in caring for him is being urged to contact the RSPCA.