Shocked resident finds five dead snakes in bin

A householder who went to take out their recycling got the shock of their life when they discovered five dead snakes inside the blue bin.

The Ilkeston local found a black bag in their bin with the dead reptiles inside, with what appeared to be wood shavings.

Erewash Borough Council sent out its Neighbourhood Wardens to the incident, in Cranmer Street.

In a post on Facebook they said:

The Ilkeston resident found the dead reptiles in his bin. Credit: BPM Media

They added that they were making the RSPCA aware of the incident.

A pet shop near Burnley, Ipets, said that they had a break-in on 11 June and pets were stolen, including snakes.

Hundreds of people linked the break-in with the dead snakes found in Ilkeston.

Ipets responded by sharing the Erewash Neighbourhood Warden's post.

They said:

Anyone with information regarding the snakes has been asked to get in touch with Erewash Neighbourhood Wardens.