Watch the moment a young pilot surprises her grandparents by flying them to their holiday

A young pilot gave her grandparents the surprise of their lives when she flew them to their holiday in Palma.

23-year-old Laura Gibson, from Derby, is one of TUI Airways' youngest pilots.

Her grandparents Pat who's 79 and Ray who's 83, had no idea when they boarded the plane at East Midlands Airport that it would be their granddaughter flying them.

Footage shows Pat shocked and overjoyed as she stepped onto the plane to see her granddaughter's beaming face.

Laura’s grandparents said they couldn’t believe it when they saw Laura standing in her uniform.

My Granny didn’t even recognise me at first. She was very polite when she said hello, then realised it was me and gave me a huge hug! It was such a special moment.

Laura Gibson
Laura was the pilot on her grandparents flight to Palma Credit: BPM Media

Laura, who started flying at 18 years old, liaised with the TUI Airways rostering team to agree that she could operate the special flight to Palma.

It was originally Laura’s parents’ idea to put the surprise together and combine their love of TUI holidays with the pride of their granddaughter being a pilot.

The previous airline she worked for didn’t have the mobility facilities Pat and Ray need, so when she joined TUI in November, she started to plan their surprise.

Since the moment she had her very first flying lesson in a flight simulator for her 18th birthday, Laura has dreamed of being a pilot.

As one of the youngest of 970 TUI Airways pilots, she is flying to destinations all around the world and is just a few air miles away from being promoted to First Officer.

Laura's grandparents are two of her biggest supporters of her career.

We are unbelievably proud of Laura’s career as a pilot. We just think she’s absolutely amazing.

Pat, Laura's grandmother