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WATCH: 7-year-old nails 'Crossbar Challenge' three times in a row

A father from Birmingham who thought he had given his 7-year-old son an impossible challenge was shocked to find he had been proven wrong.

Chris Charles, 34, was playing football with his son when he placed a football on the edge of the goal box to test his son's skills.

Fabian Charles missed the bar at first and told his dad that he needed to move further back.

In a video posted on Twitter by Chris, Fabian is seen lining up three footballs although his dad told him to just aim to get one out of three. What happened next, left his dad falling to the ground in shock.

As part of the challenge, Fabian was told if he hits all three then his dad will buy him a PlayStation. Chris says he regrets making that bet.

He is 7 years old! I thought I had a safe bet. If I thought he would do it I would have offered a happy meal or some hot wings. He does have a great strike in him but I know professionals that would struggle with three in a row. So definitely was a shock."

– Chris Charles