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Moment 98-year-old war veteran meets great grandson for first time

118 Second World War aircrew veterans were at Coventry Airport today for a reunion as part of Project Propeller. They were flown in from across the country by volunteer pilots.

But for one 98 year old veteran, there was a new addition to his family who was waiting to meet him for the first time.

Flight Lieutenant Ernest Holmes, or Ernie, as most people know him, had something extra special waiting for him.

This is the moment he met his great grandson Henry:

And this is what it meant to him:

As well as an annual reunion, Project Propellor gives veterans the chance to fly again, and be up close to aircraft that played big roles in their lives.

Having been running now for 20 years, the event's been giving veterans the chance to relive their past.

118 veterans enjoyed a reunion at Coventry Airport Credit: ITV News Central

But for Ernie, today was also a chance to meet the next generation, and possibly pass on his love of flying as well.

Ernie and Henry at the project Propeller reunion Credit: ITV News Centra