East Midlands Airport is increasing the parking tariff for its rapid drop-off (RDO) area from £2 to £3 for 10 minutes, in a bid to give passengers a "better experience".

The airport said the new changes, which come into effect on Monday, will give sufficient time for passengers to get from their vehicles to their flight check-in, while raising funds for future investment.

Last month, the airport had reduced waiting times in the RDO to five minutes for £2 before reversing its decision as people were unable to leave in time.

The airport has said the additional charge on the parking tariff will lead to "further improvement" including:

  • Upgrading the existing barriers

  • Installing additional barriers

  • Adding more exit lanes

Karen Smart, East Midlands Airport's Managing Director said the airport still needs to address the road congestion "problem".

The airport says it hopes to create a 'better experience' for its passengers. Credit: ITV Central

Ms Smart said: "It is clear that the overall passenger experience of RDO can only be improved if we make some changes to the infrastructure and staff it better.

"But this comes at a cost and therefore we need to raise the funds to pay for it."

She added: "The new price is also designed to encourage more passengers to consider other parking options as well as using public transport such as the SkyLink bus service."