Man wins vote to keep two lions and puma in farm enclosure

A man from Nottinghamshire has won the right to keep two lions in an enclosure on his farm.

Reece Oliver already has a puma and has rescued the lions from a circus in Eastern Europe.

The Council has granted his planning permission for the enclosure they live in - despite 14 people objected to having the big cats living nearby.

Last night [Wednesday] he won a decision to keep the lions by seven votes to five.

Reece Oliver with his two lions in his farm. Credit: ITV Central

Broxtowe Borough Council considered a request for an enclosure for the big cats have said it's the most unusual planning application ever.

Mr Oliver already owns a Canadian puma called Rogue - the two-and-a-half year old animal - who was also rescued as a cub from the illegal pet trade in Lincolnshire.

The enclosure is just under four metres high, there is electric wiring to stop him from climbing as well as a sheet of metal so that the puma cannot grab it.

He told ITV News: "There are nine cameras in the facility as well as a double door entry to enter the enclosure."

Reece Oliver currently has a puma located in an enclosure in his back garden. Credit: ITV News Central

Mr Oliver added: "At night we lock him in for the night but he has an outdoor and indoor section so everything remains safe and we also have laser beams which will be activated at night incase anyone comes at night.

"Everything is at maximum safety for the public and for the cat."

He has already been in the limelight last year, when he rescued two penguins which had been stolen from a zoo.

Mr Oliver had already rescued two penguins last year. Credit: ITV Central

Looking after animals like big cats is controlled by the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act and regulations were introduced as fears for public safety grew.

But unlike people back then, Mr Oliver is fully licensed to keep wild animals as long as the council is happy.