Man keeps promise he made to Nelson Mandela after tackling rhino poaching in South Africa

A man from Shropshire who's tackling rhino poaching said he has kept the promise he made to Nelson Mandela.

Mike Kendrick, from Bridgnorth, told Mr Mandela he would investigate the issue of animal poaching in South Africa.

He formed the campaign "Rhino's Last Stand" alongside experts in poaching, smuggling, and DNA, to infuse rhino horns with a dye which makes them unsellable.

Allan Oberholzer, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, John Paul DeJoria, Sir Richard Branson and Mike Kendrick. Credit: Rhino's Last Stand

In order to protect the rhino and provide a more secure future for them on this planet, experts suggest Mike and his team need to save 2,500 rhinos across South Africa.

The procedure renders a rhino horn valueless once it's been taken from the animal, so the financial incentive for poachers to kill rhinos is completely removed.

This strategy also vastly increases the risk to poachers of being arrested and convicted as the toxic dye is unfit for human consumption.

Mike came to know Mr Mandela through his work at the Mineseeker Foundation, which could detect landmines from the air.

Mike and his team are now crowdfunding to raise £250,000 to infuse 40 rhinos before the end of the summer so they can infuse the remaining 2,460 animals.

A UV marker which enables quick detection of forensic DNA. Credit: Carmel Van Wyk