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Why changing May Bank Holiday to Friday will cost one business £200,000

A calendar maker is having to redo 400,000 calendars after the date changed for the 2020 May Bank Holiday. Credit: ITV News Central

A calendar making business reveals it has lost £200,000 after the government changed next year's May Bank Holiday to a Friday.

The bank holiday date change means Monday May 4 2020 would be switched to Friday May 8 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe (VE Day).

Allan & Bertram said it will now have to change 400,000 printed calendars as it will have to amend the date in every one, due to the last minute decision.

  • Why is the May Bank Holiday date changing?

It's only the second time ever that a bank holiday date has moved and this calendar making business said the impact will be felt for the rest of the year.

Traditionally the first bank holiday is usually held on the first Monday in the month so the change has caused problems for the business that has produced calendars in advance.

Andrew Bennett, Managing Director of Allan and Bertram, said he hasn't received an explanation or apology from the government. Credit: ITV News Central

Moving the bank holiday is a "fitting tribute", ensuring people can take part in commemorative events around the country, the government said.

The government added that it did consider the "practical implications" but the factory have said they have not received an explanation or apology.

But this factory is now having to change the dates manually, by putting new pages in as the out-of-date ones are thrown into the recycling bins.