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Starbank Secondary School teachers strike over safety fears

Teachers at Starbank Secondary School have gone on strike over violence fears. Credit: BPM MEDIA

Teachers have gone on strike outside Starbank Secondary School where pupils are carrying knives, threatening staff and fighting.

After months of union negotiations, teachers have decided to strike on Thursday.

Behaviour levels are said to be so bad at the school in South Yardley that staff have been issued with "panic buttons" on their computers.

Teachers claim they are not being supported and fear for their safety because when they have pressed the emergency button they say they do not always get a response.

Teachers are striking over violence in the playground and classroom at Starbank School. Credit: BPM MEDIA

Executive head teacher Satnam Dosanjh has decided to keep the school open and said suitable provision has been made to ensure that lessons will continue.

Paul Nesbitt, NASUWT National Executive Member for the West Midlands said: "We were contacted by members a few months ago who were concerned about the behaviour of pupils, they said pupils were coming into school with knives and threatening staff."

He added: "Whilst I have been in the school, I have witnessed pupils running along the corridors screaming when they should have been in class.

"One of my colleagues saw two pupils climbing the fence to get out and she went over to talk to them herself.

"We’ve been told there is violence in the classrooms and fighting on the playground.

"There's even something called 'Thursday fight' when there’s always a fight on the playground on a Thursday."

A second strike action is planned for July 3. Credit: BPM MEDIA

A second strike action is planned for July 3 but the union hopes this will not be necessary.

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: "Conversations are ongoing with Trades Unions over concerns that have been raised by staff at Starbank School.

"While strike action will be taking place on Thursday 27 June, the school will remain open to all pupils and suitable provision has been made to ensure that lessons will continue."

A safe guarding review has been carried out by Birmingham City Council and staff are awaiting the results.