Hedgehog dies after getting plastic waste wrapped around its neck

A hedgehog with plastic waste trapped around its neck Credit: Mitch Stafford

A hedgehog has died after getting plastic waste wrapped around its neck.

The discovery was made by Mitch Stafford while he was out playing with his sons in Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.

Mr Stafford managed to rescue the rest of the family of hedgehogs after they made a nest from plastic waste. The three hedgehogs had made a home amongst crisp packets, plastic bags and takeaway boxes.

Mitch got in touch with ITV Central to raise awareness about the dangers that plastic waste can have on animals.

The plastic waste where the family of hedgehogs had made a home Credit: Mitch Stafford

Mitch has now given the family of hedgehogs to the West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue.

To the rescue! Mitch Stafford with one of the hedgehogs Credit: Mitch Stafford

Earlier this year, a Great crested grebe was photographed offering a piece of plastic to its mate.

The birds are well known for their courtship rituals but instead of collecting a piece of weed or plant to offer its loved one, this grebe dived down and came back with some discarded plastic to impress its mate.

The picture was taken at a lake near Clay Cross, south of Chesterfield.

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The Great crested grebe offers a piece of plastic to its mate Credit: Mary Wilde

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