School memorial garden opened to remember four children killed in a house fire

A memorial garden for four children killed in a house fire has been opened at a school in Stafford.

Riley Holt, aged eight, Keegan Unitt, aged six, Tilly Rose Unitt, aged four, and Olly Unitt, aged three all died in the blaze in February.

The four children killed in the house fire in February 2019. Credit: ITV News Central

The fire broke out in the early hours of Tuesday 5 February at a house on the Highfields estate.

The memorial has been built in the grounds of Castlechurch Primary School, where three of the four children were pupils at the time of the fire.

The centre piece of the garden is a six-point star - chosen to represent the four children, the school and the Highlands community.

The garden was opened by two current pupils. Credit: ITV News Central

Acting Headteacher at Castlechurch Primary School, Nicola Glover, said she hopes the memorial garden will provide a place for schoolchildren and the community to reflect.

It's hoped that the garden will be a place of reflection for pupils and the community. Credit: ITV News Central

Much of the work to create the garden has been carried out Paul Milgate Scarrott who got involved through the school's charity.