Rare white squirrel left ‘screaming in pain’ after she was shot in the head with an air gun

The squirrel was found on St James Road, Cannock Credit: Google Maps

The RSPCA has launched an appeal for information about the killing of a rare white squirrel.

RSPCA officers were called to reports of a collapsed squirrel on a field on in St James Road, Cannock, after a member of the public spotted the animal writhing in pain.

Inspector Laura Baker was sent to the scene and found the poor squirrel screaming. She could see a pellet wound in the top of her head and it was decided the kindest thing was put to put her to sleep and end her suffering.

The white squirrel is in fact a grey squirrel born with leucism which is a partial loss of pigmentation to the fur but its eye colour remains the same.

The white squirrel was quite popular with residents living nearby. Credit: RSPCA
The white squirrel was found with a pellet wound in the top of her head Credit: RSPCA

Anyone with information about who carried out the shooting, which happened at about 8pm on Thursday 27 June, should contact the RSPCA.

The charity is calling for tighter controls on air weapons.