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Murderer confesses on camera to strangling wife while their son slept nearby

The moment a man confessed to killing his estranged wife while their young son slept nearby has been captured on police bodycam.

Phillip Gyde admittited murdering his wife Susan in the bathroom of their Burton home in September 2018. The 59-year-old strangled Susan following a row over the breakdown of their marriage before placing her body on a bed and confessing to his family, who alerted the police.

On arrival, officers found Gyde at the St Chad's Road address, who calmly led officers to his wife's body before a search revealed the couple's 12-year-old son unharmed and sleeping in another room.

This week, Gyde was found guilty of murder and jailed for 19 years.

The court heard the couple, who had been together for 18 years, had become estranged after the marriage failed. Susan, aged 52, died following an argument after Gyde discovered messages between her and another man.

Staffordshire Police's senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Jason Everett, said: "Following the breakdown of their marriage, Phillip Gyde became jealous of his wife and following an argument over messages between her and another man, he reacted violently resulting in fatal consequences.

"The tragedy is that their young son was at home when she died and now has been left without his mother."

Susan's family paid the following tribute: "We always knew that coming to terms with the loss of our sister Sue would not be made any easier regardless of the result of this trial. We feel that some of the evidence presented during the trial portrayed Sue as being promiscuous. In truth, anyone who knew Sue, will know that in fact she was a very caring, thoughtful and loyal person. She was a loving and devoted mother who absolutely adored her son.

"Her loss has left a huge gap in all our lives. It's incredibly sad that she will miss seeing her son grow up, and he will not have his mum's wisdom and love to guide him through his life. That is one of the most difficult things for us to come to terms with."

Due to time already served, Gyde will serve a minimum of 18 years and 62 days.