A man from Chesterfield says he's lucky to be alive after spending more than two hours floating in shark-infested waters in Kenya.

The fishing boat was stranded ten miles from shore. Credit: Ash Paisley

Ash Paisley was on a once in a lifetime fishing trip to Kenya with his friend Mark when the boat they were trying to reel massive fish in to sank, leaving them stranded ten miles off shore.

The pair were stuck in the water for two hours, before being picked up by a Singapore oil tanker.

The pair were picked up by a Singapore oil tanker. Credit: Ash Paisley

The pair has been trying to catch a much sought after fish called a Black Marlin, which can swim at 65 mph.

They were ten miles off shore, had caught some tuna and everything seemed to be going well.

Ash noticed one of the crew members bailing water out of the boat. It was sinking. Soon, all five crew members had stopped reeling the Black Marlin in and were trying to keep the boat afloat.

Within seconds, they were clambering onto the side of the hull. Fortunately, an oil tanker picked up their distress signal.

Ash says he will never forget the African adventure that turned into a nightmare.