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Mum gives son the 'gift of life' with kidney donation

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A teenager whose kidneys both failed is looking forward to a healthy future after his mum gave him one of hers.

Rahim Ashraf has been ill since he was a little boy, but recently his condition got much worse.

His mum Neureen was a perfect donor match and they had their transplant operations at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Convincing Black, Asian and minority ethnic people to become organ donors can be difficult.

Last year, more than a third of BAME people said they wouldn't become organ donors - but that figure has now halved, according to the NHS Blood and Transplant Service.

Specialist Nurse Mathew Hipwood works with families who have become donors, and says there's a mistaken belief that religion prohibits organ donation:

Neureen says it's important to dispel myths about organ donation in BAME communities:

She said donating her kidney was 'all worth it' to see her son happy again.

Watch the moment Rahim and Neureen are reunited for the first time after their operations:

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