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Theresa May appoints Labour MP John Mann as anti-Semitism adviser

John Mann MP. Credit: PA

Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed Bassetlaw Labour MP John Mann as an independent adviser on anti-Semitism.

The role will see Mr Mann, who is chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on anti-Semitism, provide independent advice on how to tackle the issue, Downing Street said.

Theresa May says Mr Mann is a 'key voice on this matter.'

Anti-Semitism is racism. It has absolutely no place in our society and we must fight its bitter scourge wherever it rears its head. He has frequently campaigned in the House of Commons on this issue and has tirelessly used his role as a politician to speak out on behalf of victims of anti-Jewish racism. I am confident he will bring the level of cross-party independent advice needed to advise Government and to ensure we see progress on this very important issue."

– Theresa May
Labour MP John Mann, during a protest against anti-Semitism in the Labour party in Parliament. Credit: PA

John Mann MP said:

If we stay silent on the issue of anti-Semitism, we unwittingly allow cowardice and bigotry to speak its own repulsive language. I will continue to call out those throwing stones of hatred at Jewish people, and will endeavour to give a clarion call to Government on prejudice and discrimination on this issue."

– John Mann MP, Labour, Bassetlaw

Labour has been rocked in recent years with claims by some of its MPs that the leadership is not tackling anti-Semitism.

The Conservative Party has also been accused by some of not dealing with allegations of Islamophobia within the party in a robust enough way.

Mr Mann has been a critic of the way Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has dealt with anti-Semitism allegations in the party. His appointment by the PM comes at a sensitive time for the Labour leader as Mr Corbyn is presenting an initiative to the party's governing National Executive Committee on Tuesday aimed at speeding up the process dealing with allegations of anti-Semitism. However, some MPs have said that Mr Corbyn's plan does not go far enough.