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Dog who survived being hit by car on M1 excels at dog school

Thor shortly after he was hit by a car last year Credit: BPM Media

A dog that was hit by a car on the M1 last year only to survive and find a new home has now had even more success by coming top of the class in a dog school.

Thor was rescued by Highways England traffic officer Hannah Moffit after his accident just after Christmas last year and made a full recovery in his forever home.

Hannah then decided to take Thor to a dog school to strengthen their bond, and while there the canine showed just how mighty he was by excelling in his lessons.

Along with his classmates he learned to successfully sit, lie down on command, and to come when called, amongst other tricks.

Hannah said: "He was fantastic in class so it was a lovely experience to share with him and I was so proud when we graduated."

Thor the dog is loving life with his rescuer Hannah Credit: Dogs Trust Manchester

I am so glad I was there for him on that day, and am very thankful for the support we have had from others. We have great times together as he’s a real character. I can’t imagine life without him.

– Hannah Moffit