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96 dogs stolen from inside homes across the Midlands

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More than 96 dogs have been stolen from inside homes across the Midlands last year.

New figures from police forces across the UK show that twice as many dogs are being stolen from inside the home, than from public spaces, parks and gardens, with July being the peak months for thefts.

Flat faced dogs like Pugs and French Bulldogs have become the most targeted breeds - with three times as many French bulldogs stolen last year than in 2015.

Animal charity Blue Cross shared some tips with ITV News on how to help keep your pets safe at home:

A total of 1,823 dogs were stolen from across the UK in 2018 as well as 353 cats - according to police forces.

Here's how many dogs were stolen across the Midlands last year:

  • Derbyshire - 8
  • Leicestershire - 23
  • Lincolnshire - 7
  • Nottingham - 4
  • Staffordshire - 26
  • Warwickshire - 1
  • West Mercia - 11
  • West Midlands - 16
Credit: ITV Central

Here's what to do if your dog has been stolen:

  • Firstly, check the local area and your dog's favourite spots as your dog may have wandered off
  • Make your dog 'too hot to handle' by sharing on social media, putting up posters in the local area and informing local media - include pictures and any distinctive marks in any appeals, and ask others to spread the word
  • There are some specific sites set up to help find lost and stolen dogs, like
  • Report your dog as stolen to the police and provide them with as much detail as possible
  • Report your dog as stolen to local pet related services like vets, animal shelters, pet shops, dog wardens and the council.
  • Provide photos, a physical description and the dogs microchip number
  • Report your dog to the microchip database

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