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Bridesmaids rescued by firefighters after getting trapped in flood water

The bridesmaids were rescued by the firefighters from the flood water. Credit: BPM Media

Firefighters came to the aid of a group of bridesmaids when their car became stuck in flood water in North Warwickshire.

The crew from Nuneaton Fire Station rescued them at 9.46am on Wednesday, July 31 after the car they were travelling in became trapped in Mythe Lane, which was flooded.

They not only got them to safety - but also took them to the wedding venue as well.

The car they were travelling in became trapped in the water. Credit: BPM Media

On their way back from Mythe Barn, the crew then came across another stranded car.

They managed to help get the driver out of the flood water and into a safe area.

After this the crew then shared an appeal on their station's Facebook page, asking motorists to be flood aware.

They wrote: 'If you come across a flooded road do not enter and do not take any unnecessary risks.'

'Be flood aware and call 999 for assistance if required.'

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