Driver causes chaos by repeatedly crashing on the M6

The delivery driver repeatedly crashed his van. Credit: West Midlands Police

A delivery driver caused chaos on the M6 as he repeatedly crashed over a one-and-a-half mile stretch.

The red van Awil Hayow was driving swerved between lanes and hit a van before it spun out of control and ended up at 90 degrees to oncoming traffic.

After straightening up the van and driving off again the 34-year-old then struck a Nissan Juke, sending it onto the hard shoulder.

The van’s bumper then fell off and traffic again was forced to swerve.

Hayow then sent a Ford Transit spinning as he swerved from the hard shoulder into lane one.

He continued for a short distance before stopping on the hard shoulder.

He then resisted arrest until an officer armed with a Taser arrived, and he refused to give a sample of breath after he was arrested on July 1.

Hayow, of no fixed address, admitted dangerous driving, failing to provide specimen and obstructing a PC.

He will be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on 13 August.

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