Louise Porton jailed for life for murdering her two young daughters because they 'got in the way' of her lifestyle

Louise Porton is beginning a 32 year jail sentence after being convicted of murdering her two children because they 'got in her way'.

Porton, from Rugby in Warwickshire, suffocated three-year-old Lexi Draper in January last year.

She had tried on two previous occasions to kill the toddler, and in the hours leading up to her death, made several internet searches including 'five weird things that happen when you die' and 'how long does it take for a dead body to go cold'.

Louise Porton's daughters Lexi Draper and Scarlett Vaughan. Credit: BPM

Just over two weeks later, on 1 February, Porton went on to murder 17-month-old Scarlett Vaughan.

This CCTV shows Porton taking Scarlett into a room at the Rugby Hotel, where she was killed.

Porton then drove around with Scarlett in the car, even stopping for petrol, before calling 111.

Jurors heard she had accepted 41 friend requests on a dating app just a day after the first child, Lexi, died and was described by prosecutors as being "calm and emotionless" following Scarlett's death.

When Lexi was ill in hospital, just over a week before she died, Porton tooktopless photos in the toilets and was arranging to perform sex acts for money with a man she had met through a website.

Warwickshire Police said it was also "clear from the evidence" of damning internet searches about death and Lexi's two hospital admissions, in earlyJanuary 2018, that callous Porton had twice tried to kill her daughter beforeeventually succeeding.

Porton stopped for petrol with her daughter in the car. Credit: CPS

This is part of the 999 call Porton made.

Speaking after she was convicted yesterday, Detective Sargent Owen Fell read this statement on behalf of Lexi and Scarlett's family.

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