A vicar from Staffordshire has handed in four guns as part of a nationwide firearms surrender.

Police forces across England and Wales have been giving people the chance to hand over unwanted guns, ammunition and other weaponry.

The Rev Christopher Parkes, from Burntwood Methodist Church, gave up four starting pistols.

The vicar decided to participate in the surrender so the guns 'don't get into the hands of criminals'.

They had been stored in a safe for at least 12 years, and had only been used only by the drama group, he said.

I heard that there was a surrender taking place in Birmingham for guns and replica guns. So we've taken the opportunity to bring these along so they don't get into the hands of criminals or other people where they can be used for the wrong purposes. Taking them off the streets and out of circulation, we thought, was the best thing."

The Rev Christopher Parkes
The Rev Christopher Parkes handing in the guns. Credit: BPM Media

I'd implore anybody else in the community who has similar items in a similar position, where they have been stored away for years and not used, to hand them in to us as part of our surrender. Our surrender runs until Sunday evening so I would urge anybody who has similar items in a similar position to do exactly the same thing."

Detective Sergeant Adam Austin

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