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Birmingham pub welcomes superstar singer Ed Sheeran as he films latest music video

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A Birmingham pub has welcomed superstar singer Ed Sheeran as he filmed his latest music video - and the humble singer even paid for his own pint.

The Eagle N Tun in New Canal Street is already famed as the pub used in UB40's Red, Red Wine video but played host to the Sing star when he rocked up last Thursday (August 1) to film his latest collaboration with grime artists Jaykae and Aitch.

And the star's appearance was tweeted by UB40'S Ali Campbell and Astro for "keeping up traditions".

He had been recording a music video in the city with rising grime artists Jaykae and Aitch Jack Singh runs the pub and bed and breakfast , a family business, with dad Kal who bought the building in 2009 and reopened it in December 2015.

Credit: BPM Media

He said Ed was 'a really humble' guy.

"He was really down to earth- they all were. All the crew and entourage were great.

The call from Ed's production company came out of the blue - just two days before shooting started at the Victorian pub.

An 'old-style pub' was needed and the Eagle N Tun fitted the bill.

Birmingham Live popped along to the inn to get the gossip.

Jack explained: "The production company called on Tuesday night and just said they needed an old-style pub for a music video and it was for a well known singer.

"That's all we were told at first although they did say one of the lyrics might be to with the pub.

"I spoke to Cindy Campbell from the production team who funnily enough, is the ex-wife of UB40's Robin Campbell.

"Then they said 'if we tell you who it is you can't say anything'. I couldn't believe it when they said it was Ed Sheeran, Jaykae and Aitch.

"I had wondered if it was legit or not."

The singer's production team sent a camera crew out to the popular bar on Wednesday and by Thursday lunchtime the pub was a hive of activity with crew and a full entourage arriving throughout the day.

Credit: BPM Media

"During the day a lot of people turned up - I think they were mostly friends and family of 'Aitch' who is from Manchester. There were lots of kids running about."

The three artists arrived in a black tour bus with an army of crew, said Jack. "It was massive! We had put a notice on the pub asking our regulars to clear the pub by 7pm so the production people had the pub free.

"I saw Ed and went over to introduce myself and shook his hand. "He had a pint and insisted on paying for it. He was very humble and was happy to pose for pictures from fans in the entourage."

Jack and his staff are sworn to secrecy regarding the theme of Ed's collaboration with Brummie-born Jaykae and Aitch.

"They had the song playing quietly in the background and then Ed is sitting at the bar but he doesn't sing. They were filming for about three or four hours."

And did Jack manage a starring role in the video?

"I think I was in it but it may well be edited", he laughed.