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Electrician wires his van to shock thieves with 2000 volts

Credit: ITV News Central

An electrician has sparked controversy by fitting a theft protection device to his van which delivers a 2,000 volt shock to anyone who tampers with it.

Ray Taylor, from Wolverhampton, says he's lost thousands of pounds of equipment to thieves and decided it was time to fight back.

The charge is unlikely to cause anyone any serious harm, but police are warning that Ray himself could be breaking the law and could be sued by anyone who touches it.

He adapted a battery-operated fly-swatter, and wired the terminals up to the door handle of his Citroen Dispatch.

Credit: ITV News Central

There's also a 120 decibel ear-piercing siren - and a strobe light too - so even if Ray slept though a night-time break-in attempt, his neighbours in the Fallings Park area probably wouldn't.

It is possible that a criminal offence could be committed by the installation and use of such a device.

Any complaint from a member of the public will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Such modifications may also affect motor insurance policies, if they do not meet safety regulations.

Any member of the public affected by use of the product could potentially issue a civil claim.

– West Midlands Police

Ray got a shock of his own when his DIY deterrent made the front page of a national newspaper but says he's had dozens of enquiries from tradesmen wanting the device for themselves.