Attacks on young women inspired mum to teach self-defence

Credit: ITV News Central

A woman from Solihull has gone to extreme lengths to learn self-defence to protect her family - and now she's teaching others how to stay safe too.

Gulshen Bano is the first female instructor in the Midlands to teach a system called Krav Maga - which was first designed for the Israeli military.

She started learning it five years ago as a way of protecting herself and her kids.

Gulshen and her family were mugged while on holiday in Paris, but she used Krav Maga to get their passports and credit cards back.

She is now teaching self-defence to others, including young girls, so they also have the skills to defend themselves.

Credit: ITV News Central

Gulshen Bano teaches our reporter Hannah Bechelet how to get out of a headlock: