Beloved bulldog 'lucky to escape unscathed' after swallowing six screws

Maggie the bulldog swallowed six screws. Credit: Willows Veterinary Group

A bulldog who found a bag of screws ended up having to have six removed from her stomach.

Maggie managed to sneak into a cupboard and open the bag before scoffing them.

Thankfully her owners, who live in Stoke on Trent, acted fast and got her to the vets before the screws made their way into her intestines.

"I'd just got into bed after a night shift when my partner, Amy came upstairs to tell me she thought Maggie had got into the kitchen cupboard and ripped open a bag of socket screws."

Gareth Barnes, Maggie's owner
Maggie the bulldog swallowed six screws. Credit: Willows Veterinary Group

"Some were missing but Maggie seemed fine in herself, there was no difference in her, but Amy was convinced she'd swallowed some, so we took her to the vets to be on the safe side. "Because they were metal, they showed up on an X-ray straight away - Maggie had eaten six of them, I couldn't believe it. "We were lucky that we got there before they made their way out of her stomach and through her intestines as they could've caused serious damage to her insides.

Gareth Barnes, Maggie's owner

She underwent surgery and vet, Hannah Brooks said she was lucky to escape her ordeal relatively unscathed, but issued a warning for people to leave such items out of reach of pets.

Maggie has now made a full recovery. Credit: Willows Veterinary Group

"They brought Maggie in and we X-rayed her and sure enough, there were six screws inside her stomach.

Hannah Brooks, Willows Veterinary Group