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Woman jailed for causing a huge fire at Nottingham railway station

Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A woman who caused a huge fire at Nottingham railway station which resulted in more than £5.6 million of damage has been sentenced to 25 months in prison.

Gemma Peat, 34, pleaded guilty last week to arson after starting the blaze in the female toilets in January last year.

The fire resulted in widespread disruption to commuters and traffic on surrounding roads.

Gemma Peat pleaded guilty to arson Credit: PA images

The court heard that it seems that a naked flame was used by Gemma Peat to smoke heroine and crack cocaine in one of the cubicles in the ladies toilets.

It’s thought smoking or smouldering material she discarded in a sanitary towel bin started the fire which then spread.

The Judge told the court that the offence was a result of drug addiction.

The court also heard there were contributing factors to the fire spreading including:

  • voids in the roof allowed the fire to spread more easily
  • polystyrene was used in the roof to level it
  • there were some cracks in compartment walls allowing fire spread
  • cavities/gaps in timber joints in roof space were not plugged.

The prosecution said Network Rail had ensured there were no such defects in the reconstruction project.

We've worked closely with Network Rail, who own Nottingham station, and the emergency services to conduct a full investigation and review into the circumstances surrounding the incident in January 2018.

Safety is always our first priority and in partnership with Network Rail, the recommendations made as part of the investigation have now been taken forward.

– East Midlands Trains spokesperson