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Teenager discovers handguns and grenades in a matter of weeks while 'magnet fishing' in Leicestershire

George with one of his finds.

A teenager from Leicester who uses a magnet to fish in waters has discovered a number of weapons in just three weeks.

13-year-old George Tindale discovered the weapons in the River Soar while magnet fishing with his father.

George has been doing the unique hobby for a year, and has come across objects like bikes and trollies.

George's hobby has led to more startling finds, including two unexploded hand grenades and four handguns in just the last three weeks, which have all been handed to police.

One of George's finds.

Accompanied by his dad, George can often be found on the banks of the River Soar in Leicester - a hotspot for magnet fishers - and live-streaming on YouTube as Magnetic G, his finds have been viewed around half a million times.

Along with the more mundane metal catches like old padlocks and shopping trolleys George, who's trying his luck today near Newark Castle with his camera-shy mum looking on, has found some real gems - quite literally.

George says he'd like to become a full-time magnet fisher and perhaps make a living as a professional YouTuber. That may be a few years away, but for now his magnetic catches have their own attraction.