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How your pets are keeping cool this Bank Holiday

Credit: PA Images

Fans of the warm weather have been treated to record temperatures this bank holiday.

It's been a scorcher for our pets, and ITV Central viewers have been sending in pictures of how their furry friends have been keeping cool.

Credit: Angela Follows

Poppy belongs to Angela Follows, and she has spent her day splashing around in a paddling pool.

Credit: Lisa Purton

Lisa Purton's guinea pigs, from Birmingham, like to sit in the shade! She hoses the grass down so it's 'nice and cool'.

Credit: Wendy Davis

Pippa belongs to Wendy Davis, and she has been cooling off in front of a fan.

Credit: Maggie Maguire

Maggie Maguire's cat had the same idea!

Credit: Claire Louise

Claire Louise and her dog Roman are from Worcester. Roman has been playing with the garden hose to beat the heat.

Credit: Donnah Henshaw

Donnah Henshaw's cat Oscar has been taking catnaps in the breeze. They are both from Nottingham.

Credit: Charlotte Hughes

Vinnie, from Birmingham, doesn't mind the heat and loves to sunbathe. His owner Charlotte Hughes always puts out a blanket for him.

Credit: Darren Lowe

Darren Lowe's cat found some shade under a plant.

Credit: Chris Beaver

Chris Beaver's dog has been chilling out on the couch, with a fan pointed at her.

Credit: Dawn Spencer

Dawn Spencer says her cats have been 'flaked out' all day.

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