800 people evacuated after major gas leak near Cadbury

Around 800 people have been evacuated from the scene of a major gas leak in Bournville, Birmingham.

Crews were called to the site, near the Cadbury factory, around 2pm on Wednesday (28 August).

"The suspected gas leak appears to be near Cadbury. "We had a call at 14:15pm, and two crews from Kings Norton and Bournbrook were sent to the scene. "We are currently awaiting the arrival of gas engineers."

West Midlands Fire Service spokeswoman

Cadbury World have confirmed that the gas leak is not connected to their site.

The gas leak was caused by workmen accidentally damaging a pipe during routine maintenance.

The fire service are currently gathering outside Cadbury World.

The chocolatiers have confirmed that production is continuing.

“During routine building work at our Bournville site a third party operator damaged a gas pipe. "The fire service and gas board are in attendance at the site to coordinate the repair and make sure the area is safe. "As a precaution, and on the advice of emergency services, we have sent home some staff who were located in areas of the site that are in close proximity to the incident. "We expect the issue to be fully resolved and normal service resumed by tomorrow.“

Mondelez spokesperson

“We are at the Cadbury’s Bournville site to support the emergency services in dealing with damage caused to a gas pipe. "As the gas emergency service for the area, our engineers were quickly on scene to begin the process of making everything safe and carry out repairs to the damaged pipe. "People were evacuated as a safety precaution, but everything is under control.”

Spokesman for Cadent, the gas emergency service