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Man fears he won't live to see his next birthday after his heart operation was cancelled

Ricky Ford has had his latest operation cancelled at the Royal Stoke Hospital Credit: ITV Central News

A man who has suffered 11 heart attacks fears he might not live to see his 60th birthday next month, after his operation was cancelled because of a lack of beds.

Ricky Ford from Stafford says he suffers almost constant pain from a implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) which was fitted in March last year.

The ICD sends electrical pulses to regulate abnormal heart rhythm, but his device needs moving.

Ricky describes the moment he found out his operation was cancelled.

The operation is now meant to happen tomorrow (30 August), but Ricky is worried it could be cancelled again.

Latest figures show there were 156 cancelled operations at the Royal Stoke and County Hospital in June.

“We ask all patients who are having a general anaesthetic to arrange to have someone staying with them at home overnight following a procedure to ensure the best recovery.

“If this is not possible and if there isn’t an inpatient bed available we regrettably sometimes have to rearrange operations. We would ensure that any cancellation and delay does not provide a clinical risk to the patient.

“In this case the patient’s device is working as it should and the operation is to move it to a more comfortable place and relieve pain. We apologise for the inconvenience to Mr Ford and have re-booked his procedure."

– Royal Stoke spokesman